Sunday, 17 October 2010

The business man

Lets see who's first to guess the movie

this took 3 stencils btw

P.S. don't look at the labels =]


  1. Ha! nice work bro! do you tag locally or just your own stuff?

  2. adding labels like that? does that help in search engines?

  3. with my stencil blog, i could find it on google using labels as search terms so i guess. but also you can click on a label and see all the posts that have that label, which is useful for blogs that have been around for a while (which i hope to be)

    Nah i just do shit at home, i might get some balls and do some locally. I won't be using a sig or tag tho

  4. Maybe you can colour your labels white, so Google can find them, and we don't look at them, probaly.

  5. hey, I have an idea.
    maybe you could post somehow your stencils, so I could print them out and idk, maybe spray it on some wall?? the graffiti-ppl around here like me would really appreaciate it!!!!!!!

  6. Fudge you, Tommy... lol... scarface was amazing. The play ... was even better. I love these stencils